About us

  • 1940s/1950s

    Bransford Nurseries was a traditional hop, fruit and livestock farm. A small number of glasshouses were used to propagate hops three months of the year, John Tooby wanted to use these glasshouses for the other nine months of the year, and eventually the nursery replaced the unprofitable fruit business

  • 1960s

    Important producer of roses and trees, and an industry innovator

  • 1970s

    Involved in the initiation of the Tree Council and the first UK nursery to use Osmocote

  • 1980s

    Will Tooby, the current chairman, became nursery manager, and moved the business focus to the wholesale of quality stock to garden centres across the UK.

  • 1990s

    This period saw a major increase in the number of plant promotions introduced to the garden centre market by Bransford Webbs, including Hebe Purple Pixie and Rosie, and Geranium Pink Spice. The nursery became Bransford Garden Plants to reflect the nature of the business. 

  • 2000s

    A time of change and introductions – merged with Webbs to become The Bransford Webbs Plant Company and introduced Heb Pink Pixie, Fuchsia Janie, Lupin West Country and Clematis Bijou. A new propagation unit and potting shed were built and the nursery was crowned UK Ornamental Grower of the Year towards the end of the decade reflecting all that had been achieved.

  • 2010s

    More expansion saw the building of new glasshouse and polytunnel facilities, a new despatch warehouse and office facilities, along with new plants including Dianthus Memories, Hebe Red Wine and Summer Drinks, and Proven Winners varieties. Once more crowned as UK Ornamental Grower of the Year.

  • 2020s

    Bransford Webbs have continued to be innovative, leading the way with the introduction of taupe recyclable pots, and the completion of several building projects including 49 new tunnels and the upgrade of protected growing space replacing old tunnels.