About us

2021 - jm

Completion of new polytunnels started in 2020 – a total of 49 new tunnels completed and the improvement to growing facilities in another area of the nursery to help drive efficiencies in production across the site

2019 - jm

Clematis ‘Elodi’TM new for 2020, in the compact mound forming clematis range, won best in category for shrubs and climbers voted for by the judges at the National Plant Show

2016 - jm

Bred in house, the launch of the Hebe ‘Red Wine’ and ‘Summer Drinks’ range, saw eight new varieties successfully introduced to the market

2002 - jm

Following on from Hebe ‘Purple Pixie’, our most successful promotion was launched in its infamous pink pots – Hebe ‘Pink Pixie’

1982 - jm

Will Tooby, current chairman, became the nursery manager and the business focus moved to the wholesale of quality stock to garden centres across the UK.

1940/50s - jm

Bransford Nurseries was a traditional hop, fruit and livestock farm. A small number of glasshouses were used to propagate hops three months of the year, John Tooby wanted to use these glasshouses for the other nine months of the year, and eventually the nursery replaced the unprofitable fruit business