• Nursery Overview

    Operating from an eleven hectare site in Worcestershire, The Bransford Webbs Plant Company produces over two million plants per year, and supplies to garden centres across the UK.

  • Propagation

    Approx half of plants sold are propagated on the nursery. Over a twelve-month period, approximately a million plants across 300 varieties are propagated from cuttings, seeds and splits. The nursery Research and Development Unit is run from the propagation unit.

  • Liner Unit

    Young plants are potted by machine, and transferred to the adjacent liner unit. The liner unit consists of 4500sqm of Efford Sand Beds under glass, with a further 5000sqm glasshouse beds with overhead irrigation, and an additional 2000sqm of tunnels and outside beds. Liners are grown in the area most suitable to their growing requirements. In line with our Integrated Crop Management approach we aim to ensure all crops are grown in the optimum environment.

  • Potting

    A purpose built potting facility is located at the centre of the nursery, thus reducing the distance plants are transported to their final beds. It has the capacity to pot 16,000 units per day.

  • Growing

    At Bransford Webbs our final plants are grown in glasshouses, polytunnels or on outdoor beds, depending on the individual requirements of the crop.  There is 25,400sqm of glasshouse, accounting for just under 32% of the site area. Each glasshouse is fully automated allowing for optimum growth and development of the plants. We have 47, 000sqm of polytunnels, which are a combination of tall polytunnels, which permanently cover the crops, and low tunnels, with removable skins providing flexibility to give the crops the ideal environmental conditions. The remaining 9.5% of the nursery is outdoor beds, which are open to the elements and have overhead irrigation controlled by the main nursery computer. Irrigation for the nursery consists of a combination of sub irrigation and overhead irrigation.

  • Despatch

    A purpose built despatch facility opened in 2012, incorporating a large warehouse and two loading bays. Each plant is labelled with a bespoke plant label featuring an eye-catching image and detailed plant information.

  • Sales and Admin

    We have a dedicated sales team covering the whole of the UK, ensuring we get plants to the garden centres when they are at the peak of their performance. The sales team includes three area representatives that cover the whole of the UK, with dedicated internal sales coordinators based in the office. Sales team crop walks are completed on a weekly basis, with stock control crop walks performed more regularly during the height of the season.