Abelia Pinky Bells


Acer Autumn Blaze

Acer Brilliantissimum

Acer Crimson Sentry

Acer Drummondii

Acer Flamingo

Acer Kelly’s Gold

Acer Princeton Gold

Acer Simon Louis Frères

Achillea Sassy Summer Lemon

Achillea Sassy Summer Sangria

Achillea Sassy Summer Sunset

Achillea Sassy Summer Taffy

Achillea Summer Berries

Achillea Tutti Frutti Apricot Delight

Achillea Tutti Frutti Pink Grapefruit

Achillea Tutti Frutti Pomegranate

Achillea Tutti Frutti Wonderful Wampee

Acorus Ogon

Acorus Variegatus

Agapanthus Ever Sapphire

Agapanthus Ever White

Agapanthus Fireworks

Agapanthus Lavender Haze

Agapanthus Poppin’ Purple

Agastache Apricot Sprite

Agastache Morello

Agastache Peachie Keen

Alcea Chaters Double Red

Alcea Chaters Double Rose

Alcea Chaters Double White

Alcea Chaters Double Yellow

Alcea Chaters Golden Yellow

Alcea Chaters Maroon

Alchemilla mollis Thriller

Allium Millennium

Alstroemeria Inca Bandit

Alstroemeria Inca Battle

Alstroemeria Inca Flamingo®

Alstroemeria Inca Goldrush®

Alstroemeria Inca Replay

Alstroemeria Inca Rio®

Alstroemeria Inca Safari

Alstroemeria Inticancha Dark Purple

Alstroemeria Inticancha Indigo

Alstroemeria Inticancha Maya

Alstroemeria Inticancha Navayo

Alstroemeria Inticancha® Bryce

Alstroemeria Inticancha® Sunshine

Amelanchier Ballerina

Anemone Dainty Swan

Anemone Fantasy Cinderella

Anemone Fantasy Jasmine

Anemone Fantasy Pocohontas

Anemone Fantasy Red Riding Hood

Anemone Frilly Knickers

Anemone Harmony Blue

Anemone Harmony Double Blue

Anemone Harmony Double Pink

Anemone Harmony Double Rose

Anemone Harmony Double Scarlet

Anemone Harmony Double White

Anemone Harmony Orchid

Anemone Harmony Pearl

Anemone Harmony Scarlet

Anemone Honorine Jobert

Anemone Pretty Lady Emily

Anemone Pretty Lady Maria

Anemone Pretty Lady Susan

Anemone Ruffled Swan

Anemone Wild Swan

Apple Bramley’s Seedling (Cooking)

Apple Coxs Orange Pippin (Dessert)

Apple Discovery (Dessert)

Apple Egremont Russet (Dessert)

Apple Fiesta (Dessert)

Apple Golden Delicious (Dessert)

Apple Greensleeves (Dessert)

Apple Howgate Wonder (Cooking)

Apple James Grieve (Dessert)

Apple Katy (Juicing)

Apple Laxton’s Superb (Cooking)

Apple Worcester Pearmain (Dessert)

Apricot Moorpark

Aquilegia Spring Magic Blue and White

Aquilegia Spring Magic Rose and Ivory

Aquilegia Spring Magic Rose and White

Aquilegia Spring Magic White

Aquilegia Winky Mixed

Arabis Rose Delight

Arenaria montana

Argyranthemum Apricot

Argyranthemum Bicolor Rose

Argyranthemum Yellow

Argyrocytisus battandieri

Armeria Dreameria® Day Dream

Armeria Dreameria® Dreamland

Armeria Dreameria® Sweet Dreams

Aster dumosus Blue Lapis

Aster dumosus Granat

Aster dumosus Rose Crystal

Astilbe Delft Lace

Astilbe Younique Carmine

Astilbe Younique Lilac

Astilbe Younique Pink

Astilbe Younique Ruby

Astilbe Younique Silvery Pink

Astilbe Younique White

Astrantia Sparkling Stars Pink

Astrantia Sparkling Stars Red

Astrantia Sparkling Stars White

Astrantia Star of Beauty

Aucuba crotonifolia