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Bransford Webbs – environmental credentials

The current climate of environmental responsibility and sustainability has made many consumers more aware of how the products they buy are produced. In a market which is green by its very nature, it is essential that a nursery such as Bransford Webbs proactively choses the most environmental methods of production possible. We have held the BS8555 environmental accreditation for our environmental management systems, for nearly ten years.

Through trials, we have reduced our peat usage in both the liner unit and on the nursery. A quarter of our young plant production is now grown in peat free mixes, whilst across the nursery many of our final plants are grown in peat free or reduced peat compost mixes.

Water conservation continues to be a big issue for many nurseries, and here at Bransford Webbs we catch, recycle and reuse all the rainwater which falls on the glasshouses and office / despatch buildings.

In addition to this we have a 60KW solar panel system fitted to the main despatch shed roof, which generates half the electricity used on the nursery, any surplus goes back to the main grid.

Through both our corporate and environmental objectives, we strive to further improve our environmental credentials wherever and whenever possible.