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Bransford Webbs – our values

The Bransford Webbs Plant Company currently propagates 70% of the 1.5million plants grown at our site, allowing us excellent traceability of plants across the nursery and to the final customer. Over a 12-month period, our purpose-built propagation unit, built in 2005, produces approximately a million plants across 800 varieties, from cuttings, grafts, seed and splits. We are continuing to work with our plug and liner suppliers to provide traceability on plants coming onto the nursery.

With regard to the current Xylella situation, we have signed up to the HTA statement, and are proactive in the sourcing of our plant material to prevent the spread of the disease through sourcing plants only from trusted passported suppliers and not accepting plants from areas where there have been findings of Xylella.

Located just outside Worcester, we are proud that our plants are British Grown and as such our labels feature, and have done since 2009, a British grown logo. This is a prominent element on both our labels and POS, and in a time of uncertainty surrounding Brexit, we believe that this simple logo is something that customers will be actively seeking out in garden centres this year.

An integrated crop protection program is an integral part of our production. We currently use a wide-range of biological predators and bio-fungicides. Our spray programs are developed to be compatible with biological control on the nursery. We believe biological agents are more effective, sustainable and support our environmental objectives of reducing pesticide usage across the nursery.

By its very nature the horticulture business offers the consumer a green product, and as our company mission statement and values outline we aim to conduct our business with integrity, whilst being ethical and accountable for our actions, and to help Britain’s gardeners create fabulous gardens. In an ever-changing world, we continue to strive to ensure we are doing all that we possibly can to achieve these values.