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New logo to help educate consumers about recyclable plant pots

Following the introduction of the new taupe plastic pot, which is kerbside recyclable, it is paramount that we educate the final consumer as quickly as possible that these pots can be put in their kerbside recycling bin and encourage consumers and garden centres to engage with their local councils and recycling plants to ensure the pot is included on the ‘can be’ recycled list.

Most packaging in the supermarkets now displays widely recognisable symbols to show whether it can or cannot be recycled, but also in many cases a much more obvious tag line to flag up the fact the material can be recycled, e.g. on the front of the main label or on a bottle top.

Here at Bransford Webbs, we wanted to make it as obvious and clear as possible to the final consumer that the pot can be recycled. With this in mind, it was imperative that the logo was clear and easy to read and was very visible on the product as a whole, bearing in mind that the labels we supply with the plants can also be recycled in the kerbside recycling bins.

Our new logo, found on the label foot, at the front of the pot, will be phased in throughout 2020. It features a new and updated British logo with the recycling green logo and the tag line ‘Recycle pot and label together’ to encourage consumers that they don’t need to remove the slot in label to recycle the pot and they can both be put in kerbside recycling bins.