Hebe Heartbreaker

Part of the Hebe Magicolors range.
The gorgeous burgundy foliage is a fantastic focal point for winter, paling to simple green and cream the rest of the year. Clusters of beautiful mauve flowers attract bees and butterflies.

Month Available: April

Evergreen / Deciduous: Evergreen

Flower Colour: Purple

Suitable For Wildlife: Bees and Butterflies

Soil Type: Well-drained

Sun/Shade: Full sun or partial shade

Season of Interest: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter

Flower/Foliage/Berries: Flowers, Foliage

Plant Type: Shrub

Hardy: Protect from extended periods of frost

Main Attribute: Winter foliage colour

Height / Spread: 75cm x 75cm (30in x 30in)

Hebes are generally hardy, if you are concerned in bad winters you could mulch around the base of the stems to protect them.

Where to Plant: Patio pots, Borders

Pests and Diseases: Aphids, Tortrix Moth, Downy Mildew, Leaf Spot.

Plant Care: Trim to rounded clump in spring.

Care and Time: Low - summer

Warning: None

Benefits: Eye catching and attractive all year colour, a summer highlight provided by a great show of flower.

History: Part of the Magicolors series including Frozen Flame, Burning Heart, Magic Summer & Wild Romance.

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