Erysimum Poem™ (Two Colours)

Plant Details

Lavender: Exquisitely fragrant, very light purple flowers open from dark buds and mature to mid purple from spring through to autumn, attracting bees to your garden (image featured).

Lilac: Beautifully fragrant, intense, lilac purple flowers from spring through to autumn, attract bees to your garden.

Month Available: February

Evergreen / Deciduous: Deciduous

Flower Colour: Purple

Suitable For Wildlife: Bees and Butterflies

Soil Type: Moist, well-drained

Sun/Shade: Full sun

Season of Interest: Spring, Summer

Flower/Foliage/Berries: Flowers, Foliage

Plant Type: Perennial

Hardy: Protect from extended periods of frost

Main Attribute: All year round.

Height / Spread: 50cm x 50cm (20in x 20in)

Growing Tips & Additional Information

This plant will offer months of continual flowering, so it’s ideal for use in a small garden where every plant has to earn its place.

Where to Plant: Patio pots, Borders

Pests and Diseases: Slugs, Snails, Downy Mildew.

Plant Care: Protect from extended periods of cold weather with horticultural fleece.

Care and Time: Low - spring

Warning: None

Benefits: An excellent, quick growing perennial for flower borders or patio containers. Attractive to bees and butterflies. Can be used in flower arranging.

History: Erysimum Poem™ has been bred for longer flowering periods.

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