Pulsatilla Pinwheel Dark Red Shades

The delightful silky buds open in spring to reveal deep red flowers, which are followed by gorgeous ferny foliage. Foliage will die down in autumn and it is hardy.

Month Available: March

Evergreen / Deciduous: Deciduous

Flower Colour: Red

Suitable For Wildlife: None

Soil Type: Well-drained

Sun/Shade: Full sun

Season of Interest: Spring

Flower/Foliage/Berries: Flowers

Plant Type: Perennial

Hardy: Fully

Main Attribute: Spring flowering.

Height / Spread: 30cm x 30cm (12in x 12in)

Leave the flower heads once they have finished flowering, as the seedheads make an attractive display.

Where to Plant: Patio pots, Borders

Pests and Diseases: Slugs

Plant Care: Once planted, Pulsatilla dislike being disturbed.

Care and Time: Low - spring

Warning: None

Benefits: Spring flowering, extra interest from seedheads, early colour for the garden.

History: Pulsatilla are native to North America, Europe and Asia. It is commonly known as the Pasque flower, refers to the Easter flowering period.

EU Rights: N/A

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