Proven Winners®

A better garden starts with a better plant

Look out for the distinctive Proven Winners® branded white pots in your local trusted garden centre!

Proven Winners® Plants

Buddleja Blue Chip Jr

Buddleja Miss Ruby

Buddleja Pink Micro Chip®

Buddleja Rocketstar® (Three Colours)

Buddleja Rocketstar® Indigo

Buddleja Rocketstar® Orchid

Deutzia Yuki (Two Colours)

Deutzia Yuki Snowflake®

Hydrangea Blackberry Pie

Hydrangea Blueberry Cheesecake

Hydrangea Cotton Candy

Hydrangea Minty Ice

Hydrangea Pink Annabelle®

Hydrangea Pink Lollipop

Hydrangea Strawberry n Cream

Hydrangea Annabelle® (Three Colours)

Hydrangea Sweet Cupcake

Hydrangea Sweet Marshmallow

Physocarpus Tiny Wine®

Spiraea Double Play® Artist

Spiraea Double Play® Big Bang

Spiraea Double Play® Gold

Hydrangea Ruby Annabelle®

Hydrangea Sweet Annabelle®

Buddleja Rocketstar® Snow