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Reducing our peat usage

The Bransford Webbs Plant Company have been trialling peat free mixes for several years, and already grow a range of plants on the nursery in a variety of different mixes, some of which are peat free. For 2021 we have extended these trials to enable the further reduction of peat, whilst monitoring the challenges this brings for feeding and watering programmes. We have taken the positive step to reduce the amount of peat in our compost mixes from 75% to 40% for 2021, with the remainder of the mix a combination of bark and wood fibre, recognised peat alternatives, responsibly sourced. During our trials for peat alternatives, we remain aware that we must source products which are environmentally friendly, responsibly sourced, commercially available and able to sustain high quality plants. “Here at Bransford Webbs, we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously”, commented Adrian Marskell, Managing Director. “The work we are doing towards reducing our reliance on peat is a big step in the right direction”. As a nursery we work hard to achieve our environmental objectives and have a range of measures in place including water recycling across the nursery, a 60KW solar panel system, an Integrated Crop Management programme using a wide range of biological predators and bio-fungicides, recyclable pots to reduce single use plastic and electric buggies throughout despatch for pulling orders.