Nepeta Six Hills Giant

Masses lavander coloured short flower spikes throughout summer with grey green aromatic foliage

Month Available: May

Evergreen / Deciduous: Deciduous

Flower Colour: Blue

Suitable For Wildlife: Bees

Soil Type: Moist, well-drained

Sun/Shade: Full sun

Season of Interest: Spring

Flower/Foliage/Berries: Flowers

Plant Type: Perennial

Hardy: Fully

Main Attribute: Flowers & aromatic foliage

Height / Spread: 90cm x 90cm (3ft x 3ft)

During flowering, remove the spent flower stems to encourage more blooms, only chop back completely when flowering is over

Where to Plant: Patio pots, Borders

Pests and Diseases: Leafhoppers, Powdery Mildew.

Plant Care: Cut back hard after flowering to keep the plant compact

Care and Time: Low - spring

Warning: None

Benefits: Masses of flowers, aromatic foliage, vigorous growth habit.

History: Commonly known as Catmint, Nepeta is very attractive to cats and they will roll in it and try to eat. Best avoided if you don't want the neighbours cats rolling round your borders!!

EU Rights: N/A

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